Study, Protect, Improve and Manage Water Dependent Eco Systems


cbec specializes in eco engineering for the water resources industry. We focus on floodplain and channel management, fluvial and tidal wetland rehabilitation, and green urban stormwater.

cbec has a diverse range of staff highly experienced in these areas, with innovative and holistic approaches to solving problems. We currently have three professional Civil Engineers, four staff trained to PhD level and three staff trained to Masters level.


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- cbec Project Highlights: Arcade Creek Park Preserve Award

- cbec Project Highlights: cbec Article posted in Point of Beginning Survey Periodical by Ben Taber, PE

- cbec Project Highlights: Fremont Weir Notch and Lower American River. Watch the videos!

- cbec Project Highlight: Stanislaus River Honolulu Bar Restoration. Including a great video highlighting the restoration!

- cbec Project Highlight: Santa Clara River Estuary. Including a feature in VC Reader (Dec 14)


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We like to think differently here at cbec. We're proud of our holistic thinking and applications of new ideas to projects. Get a glimpse into the mind of an eco engineer.


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