2018 River Restoration Northwest Stream Restoration Symposium

It’s not everyday​ ​one gets to lead a workshop at the River Restoration Northwest Stream Restoration Symposium! One of our resident drone experts,​​ Eco-hydrologist Toby Stegman, recently returned from​ among the breathtaking sights ​​and wealth of industry professional knowledge that Stevenson, Washington​ ​had to offer.​ ​River Restoration Northwest seeks to advance the science and standards of practice of river restoration through an interdisciplinary approach.​ ​One way this mission manifests is through their annual conference, where the best and the brightest in the river restoration industry convene to​ promote responsible practices in the design of river restoration projects, enhance discussion, and the exchange of ideas. Toby co-presented his workshop, “Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Integration with River Restoration,”  with Ryan Richardson of ​the ​River Design Group.

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