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cbec specializes in eco engineering

eco engineering describes water resources engineering services that are concerned with developing and providing ecologically sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology and restoration and rehabilitation design.

We focus on innovative and sustainable solutions for the water resources industry.

Our research and experience enable us to combine the demands of flood-risk reduction with ecosystem enhancement and other considerations such as agriculture and urban development. Balancing these demands is critical to the future sustainability of our water-dependent ecosystems.

Our projects regularly involve working with biologists and ecologists to study, protect, improve and manage water-dependent ecosystems. cbec staff has experience on many major river systems in the Central Valley, including the following:

sustainable flood management

sustainable flood risk management

  • Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
  • Sacramento, San Joaquin, Bear, Feather, Yuba, Cosumnes, Mokelumne, Stanislaus and American Rivers
  • Yolo Bypass
  • Putah, Laguna, Cache and Elk Grove Creeks
  • Smaller tributaries and urban creeks

cbec staff has completed projects from San Diego to Seattle on the west coast and Florida in the United States

Our international experience includes projects in the United Kingdom and Central America. cbec staff has extensive experience in large, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder water resources projects.

cbec is a California small business. Chris Bowles, Ph.D., founder and president of cbec, has specialized in eco engineering for more than 15 years in the United States and overseas. Dr. Bowles has practiced in California for 11 years, including 8 years in the Sacramento Region.

cbec was founded and is based in West Sacramento with branch offices in Santa Cruz, CA, Petaluma, CA, San Rafael, CA, Truckee, CA, Hood River, OR, Wadesville, IN, Logan, UT, and Inverness, UK.

technical trainer

cbec is fully committed to producing high quality work at an affordable price. Our billing rates are extremely competitive and we offer enhanced technical proficiency and client service. Dr. Chris Bowles, cbec’s president, is intimately involved with each project undertaken at cbec. Conceptual guidance and quality assurance / quality control are of chief concern.

Innovation is key, and we are always striving for ways to improve