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TUES 9/7  >>>  3:30PM-5PM
TECHNICAL SESSION: Hot Topic: Fire and Flooding
Predicting Magnitude of Post-Fire Flooding: Ulatis Flood Control Project Case Study
Presenter: Michael Founds (cbec eco engineering)

TECHNICAL SESSION: Floods of the Future
Floods of the Future: Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on Local Runoff, Inundation, and Urban Resiliency 
Presenter: Luke Tillmann (cbec eco engineering)

WEDS 9/8  >>>  1:30PM-3PM
PANEL: Optimizing Floodplains: Tools and Techniques for Maximizing Benefits from Floodplain Reconnection Projects
Moderator: Chris Bowles (cbec eco engineering)
Panelists: Julie Rentner (River Partners), Joe Merz (Cramer Fish Sciences), Steve Rothert (California DWR), Chris Bowles (cbec eco engineering), Debra Bishop (HT Harvey)

THUR 9/9  >>>  11AM-12:30PM
TECHNICAL SESSION: Resilience and Adaptation by California DWR
Climate Change Adaptation Study to Inform the 2022 CVFPP Conservation Strategy Update
Presenters: Jeremy Thomas and Tapash Das (Jacobs), Debra Bishop (HT Harvey), and Michael Founds (cbec eco engineering)

THUR 9/9  >>>  3:30PM-5PM
TECHNICAL SESSION:  Restoring Resiliency – Multi-Benefit Objectives for the Flood Future
Flood-MAR and Habitat Suitability Floodplain Restoration Opportunities Analysis
Presenters: Jenny Marr, Lori Clamurro-Chew, and David Martasian (California DWR), Michael Founds (cbec eco engineering)

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MON 9/13  >>>  9AM-1PM
Tidal Marsh Restoration and Mitigation Project in the Yolo Bypass
Presenter: Chris Campbell (cbec eco engineering)

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