cbec’s UAV Services

We are excited to announce our latest field technology and expansion to our UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) services. cbec recently acquired multi-spectral images from our UAV to monitor restoration plantings along Cordova Creek in Sacramento. This is our award winning project that was completed in 2016. Near the center of the images the transition from phase one plantings (2015), and phase two plantings (2016), can be seen. Using a ratio of the plants spectral characteristics plant health can be tracked using the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). In the first image a false color composite is shown, where near-infrared light is displayed as red. In the second image calculated NDVI values are shown, where green = healthy vegetation. From the ground we can see the vegetation is flourishing but we can now collect data to prove it. This technology can not only be used to determine vegetation health, but also the types of vegetation, including differentiating between native and non-native vegetation through image calibration.

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