cbec performs a variety of field services to support project specific needs

  • Utilizing HyDrone RCV
    Utilizing HyDrone RCV integrated with robotic total station and single beam echosounder. Sonoma, CA
  • Single beam bathymetric survey data
    Single beam bathymetric survey data. Apalachicola River at Chipola Cutoff, FL
  • Performing ADCP discharge measurement
    Performing ADCP discharge measurement with a tethered boat. Natomas East Main Drainage Canal, CA
  • ADCP velocity profile output plot
    ADCP velocity profile output plot. Putah Creek, CA
  • Sub-bottom profiler
    Sub-bottom profiler integrated with RTK GPS to map bed substrate. Sacramento River, CA
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
    Ground penetrating radar surveying. Oroville, CA
  • Bedload sampling with a Helly Smith Sampler
    Bedload sampling with a Helly Smith Sampler. Apalachicola River, FL
  • Using Wolman pebble count
    Using Wolman pebble count to characterize bank sediment. Yuba River, CA