Fish Spawns at Ancil Hoffman

If you gravel it, the redds will come!

Less than 2 months after construction, fall-run Chinook salmon redds (underwater depressions or “nests”) are starting to dot the in-river landscape on the Lower American River (LAR) at Ancil Hoffman park in Carmichael, CA. In these shots, the redds are the clusters of light colored gravel in the river, created by spawning fish in which to lay their eggs. For this salmonid habitat improvement project, cbec studied the unique flows of this section of the Lower American river to design habitat optimized for salmonid spawning and juvenile rearing. With flows low and temperatures high in the LAR this spawning season, it is extremely rewarding to see instant utilization of the project.

For more information, check out our Lower American River Salmonid Gravel Augmentation and Side-Channel Habitat Establishment Program project page.

Photo credit John Hannon.

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