Hallwood Final Phase Completed & Media Coverage

Local news crews joined cbec and the rest of project team this past Wednesday to mark a major milestone at the site of the Hallwood Side Channel and Floodplain Restoration Project. Twelve years in the making, this multi-benefit project was championed at cbec by Director Chris Hammersmark and Ecohydrologist April Sawyer, who led the project team through all elements of the project.

The goals of the project were to help this 2-mile reach of the Yuba River become a more natural and fishier place with a thriving self-sustaining river ecosystem that supports a wide range of native plant and animal species—of course including Chinook salmon and steelhead. In order to achieve this, we transformed the river by removing the unnatural constraints on its natural dynamism; allowing the floodplain to inundate during wet periods to foster rearing habitat for juvenile salmon, and adjust the location of its channels to provide an ever-evolving mosaic of aquatic and terrestrial habitat types.

Watch to see Chris Hammersmark’s interview with KCRA and learn more about the unique teaming arrangement that made the project truly a win-win for all project partners.

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