LAR SHIP 2022 Construction Has Begun

cbec has supported the Water Forum and Bureau of Reclamation on the Lower American River Salmonid Habitat Improvement Program since 2009. This program was initiated to address habitat decay and fisheries decline in the lower American River. With a substantial programmatic permitting effort recently completed, the team is back to enhancing salmonid spawning and rearing habitat with our biggest annual effort ever. See below to discover what makes this year’s projects unique, and keep an eye on this space for future construction updates!

  • This is the first time in the program’s history we will be building two projects in one season.
  • This year’s projects are returning to previously enhanced project sites to address habitat degradation due to natural environmental processes (i.e., spawning gravel being transported downstream).
  • The Nimbus Basin site (previously enhanced in 2014) maintenance consists of replenishing spawning gravel in the main channel, minor grading in the side channel complex, and enlarging floodplain areas to create more frequently inundated rearing habitat.
  • The Lower Sailor Bar site (previously enhanced in 2010-2012) activities consist of gravel replenishment and enlargement of three existing spawning riffles, lowering the inlet of the Upper Sunrise Side Channel to re-establish perennially inundation, and construction of a new half mile side channel to enhance rearing opportunities.

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