Major Steelhead Victory Along the Santa Clara River!

Major Steelhead Victory Along the Santa Clara River!

We are immensely proud of cbec’s contribution to this victory with the Wishtoyo Foundation! cbec’s Chris Hammersmark lent his expertise in hydrology and steelhead passage engineering to this legal outcome that secures protection for Santa Clara River Steelhead, among other initiatives. Read on for more information about the important work of the Wishtoyo Foundation and their Coastkeeper Program.

It was a grueling case that included an 11-day bench trial in December 2017 and January 2018, but an amazing performance by Wishtoyo and our wonderful team of attorneys including Chris Sproul with Environmental Advocates, Jason Weiner and Geneva Thompson of Wishtoyo, Heather Kryczka, John Buse of Center for Biological Diversity, and Fred Evenson was more than worth the effort.We were also fortunate to work with an outstanding team of experts – the best in their fields – including Sharon Kramer of H.T. Harvey (Steelhead), Chris Hammersmark of cbec eco engineering (Hydrology and Steelhead Passage Engineer), and Mary J. Whitfield of Southern Sierra Research Station (Southwestern Willow Flycatcher). Thanks so much to our amazing co-plaintiffs Center for Biological Diversity for their partnership and much appreciated contribution to this case as well, and all of our incredible funders, supporters, volunteers, and staff that made all this possible, including Kote Melendez, Tevin Schmitt, and Curtis Bradley of Center for Biological Diversity, all three of whom helped with evidence generation and presentation in the case.

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