New Hire | Greg Kamman

Greg Kamman, PG, CHG, cbec Senior Ecohydrologist


We are thrilled to announce Greg Kamman’s addition to the cbec team.

Greg is a professional geologist and certified hydrogeologist with over 30 years of technical and consulting experience in the fields of geology, hydrology, and hydrogeology. He specializes in directing and managing projects in the areas of surface and ground-water hydrology; stream and tidal wetland habitat restoration; water supply and water quality assessments; water resources management; and geomorphology. Greg has worked extensively on California coastal watersheds and estuaries, as well as projects in Oregon and Hawaii. He has devoted his career to the protection, enhancement and sustainable management of water resources and associated ecosystems.

cbec and Greg Kamman are a match made in nature. After 23 years of owning and operating Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, Inc. Greg is excited to contribute to a larger group of like-minded professionals dedicated to the responsible stewardship and enhancement of natural resources. “I’ve always been impressed with the quality and integrity of cbec’s work and I’m proud to join the team.”

Please check out his bio for more info.

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