Arcade Creek Park Preserve Restoration Project

This award-winning project is located in Citrus Height’s Arcade Creek Park Preserve, and involved bank terracing and stabilization, as well as the removal of select surrounding vegetation. Creek banks were re-contoured to reduce slopes and biotechnical treatments were implemented to limit future erosion. To further stabilize banks and enhance habitat, native vegetation varieties were replanted, as well as existing eucalyptus and blackberry removed. Three priority restoration sites were identified through initial site reconnaissance undertaken by Foothill Associates and cbec. Additionally, site restoration of priority site 3 will involve stabilizing grade control/step pool system on a drainage tributary to the creek. New hydrologic and hydraulic models were developed from the existing SacCalc and HEC-RAS models of the creek existing conditions provided by Domacelli and Associates. The existing condition hydraulic/hydrologic models were used to provide design parameters such as depth, flow, velocity, and bed shear stress for statistically relevant flow events.

Specific technical tasks undertaken by cbec included:

  Hydrologic study/hydraulic modeling of existing conditions
  Site channel surveys at the three priority locations
  Development of 50%, 90%, and final construction documents
  Construction services



River/Watershed: Arcade Creek