Dowlais Culvert Assessment

cbec undertook work relating to the design of a culvert on the Nant Morlais stream in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil.

An upgraded access track suitable for the transport of construction machinery is required in relation to works being undertaken at the Wales and West Utilities asset at the site. As part of this, the existing culvert that the Nant Morlais stream flows through and over (which the track passes) required to be upgraded.
cbec’s assessment process included a hydrological and hydraulic assessment, topographic survey and design specification. Ultimately, we were able to provide:
1. Calculations to demonstrate that the culvert has the sufficient capacity for a 1 in 100 return interval+30% flow magnitude.
2. Details of the culvert intake and outlet (dimensions, any required scour protection for the invert and banks and potential sediment management measures).

Waterbody / Watershed

Nant Morlais