Dry Creek Watershed Project Prioritization

cbec identified, reviewed and prioritized  stream enhancement and rehabilitation projects within the City’s portion of the Dry Creek watershed.

Over the past two decades, the City and other entities conducted numerous studies and identified rehabilitation projects for Dry Creek and its tributaries within the City’s boundaries. cbec assisted the City in developing a more strategic, watershed-level approach for reviewing, identifying and prioritizing projects as part of the City’s renewal of its Routine Maintenance Agreement (RMA) for its Stream Maintenance Program and the development of its Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (HMMP). To support this work, cbec conducted the following efforts:

• Reviewed previous studies and existing data on watershed disturbances and project opportunities

• Performed reconnaissance-level geomorphic surveys of target stream reaches to ground-truth previously identified projects and to identify additional opportunities

• Conducted preliminary evaluation and prioritization of project opportunities on the basis of anticipated benefits (e.g., enhancement of physical processes, water quality improvements, fish passage, ecological uplift, etc.), constraints and costs

Waterbody / Watershed

Dry Creek