Kings Bay Flow Modeling and Sedimentation Study

cbec worked as a subcontractor to Versar, Inc, on behalf of AECOM and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) – Atlantic.

cbec built a hydrodynamic and sediment transport model of the estuary and coastal zone near Kings Bay, GA. As a critical transportation corridor in the region, an immense amount of money and effort is invested to maintain navigable channels within and beyond the Cumberland Sound near Kings Bay. To better understand hydraulics in the system, sources of sediment, erosion/deposition around key infrastructure, potential dredging alternatives, and infrastructure improvements, cbec was hired to build, validate, and calibrate a large scale, 3D, hydrodynamic computer model with sediment transport capabilities. The 3D model was built using the Danish Hydraulic Institute’s (DHI) MIKE3 modeling platform. The model covered +500 square miles with emphasis placed on the navigation channel and coastal littoral zones. Due to the complex nature of the system and spatial distribution of deposition, both cohesive and non-cohesive sediment types were modeled to more accurately predict impacts. Additionally, since the navigation channel spans both estuary and offshore environments, pure current and littoral processes were simulated. Using the calibrated and validated model, cbec effectively provided feedback and guidance to inform dredging actions and initial planning for larger infrastructure projects.


River/Watershed: Cumberland Sound