Little Egbert Multi-Objective Project and Feasibility Study

Under contract with SAFCA, the study team (Wood Rogers, cbec, MBK, ICF, and David Sill) in collaboration with the steering committee (SAFCA, Larsen Wurzel & Associates, Westervelt Ecological Services, DWR DES, DWR DFM, and Solano County) developed a feasibility study for the restoration of Little Egbert Tract.

With the overarching goal of achieving flood risk reduction and habitat restoration benefits while addressing agricultural sustainability, the study team defined project objectives; defined the project setting in terms of its physical, flood, habitat, and agricultural functions; identified opportunities and constraints; and developed conceptual designs and associated costs. During the conceptual design and evaluation process, multiple design charrettes were held with the steering committee and other invited agencies and local stakeholders to review, refine, and rank the benefits of each alternative leading to the selection of a preferred suite of alternatives.