Low Impact Development Guidebook Preparation, Placer County

cbec partnered on a team led by Placer County to develop a Low Impact Development (LID) guidebook for Placer County.

The project was funded by the Sierra Nevada Alliance; cbec worked with the Sierra Business Council and CKB Consulting in development of the guidebook. The purpose of the guidebook was to provide guidance on the use and implementation of LID techniques to protect and enhance the water quality of Placer County in the Yuba, Truckee and American River watersheds through the promotion of innovative, cost effective, stormwater management techniques in the higher elevations.

Development of the guidebook started in late 2009 and was completed in early 2012. The guidebook development was based on local, regional, state and national efforts in recent years, and was tailored to the higher elevation conditions (>5,000 ft) within Placer County. Guidebook development includes key elements such as the forming of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide expert input and stakeholder involvement into the process.

Three TAC meetings occurred in 2010. cbec led the development of a document that promotes and encourages the application of appropriate LID principles and strategies for planning, selecting, designing, constructing and maintaining new and redevelopment. As part of this process, site design and runoff management fact sheets were developed for selected LID measures.


Waterbody / Watershed

Yuba, Truckee, American Rivers