Lower Squaw Creek Restoration Project

This project intends to improve fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, and recreational opportunities in Squaw Creek and its adjacent meadow by rehabilitating the natural hydrologic, geomorphic and ecological functions of the system.

A variety of historic and ongoing anthropogenic modifications (e.g., watershed logging and ski resort development, grazing in the meadow, channel modifications, bank hardening, floodplain grading, hydrologic alteration, etc.) have degraded the functional ability of the stream and its floodplain.  While studies to support the final design are still in progress, proposed designs include a variety of topographic modifications to the stream and floodplain to enhance hydraulic connectivity.  Possible actions include reduction of the cross sectional area of the channel, realignment of a portion of the channel to a previous more natural and sinuous path, removal of berms/levees, removal/redesign of bank hardening features, and possible rerouting of tributary and spring waters which are currently intercepted and isolated from the main channel.

cbec staff initially began work on this project in 2005 while employed with another firm conducting an initial conceptual restoration plan for the site.  This early involvement included the development of a conceptual toolbox of restoration actions, public outreach to the stakeholder group, field investigations (geomorphic reconnaissance and surveying), and hydrodynamic modeling.  In the current phase of the project, cbec is providing a number of services as a sub-contractor to the primary consultant.  These services include:

  • topographic surveys of the channel and floodplain using RTK GPS equipment;
  • hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling and analysis of existing condition and proposed alternatives;
  • evaluation of bedload transport capability of the proposed design;
  • participation in a Technical Advisory Group regarding a critical review of the proposed alternatives; and
  • development of additional proposal materials in order to obtain funding for future phases of the project.


Waterbody / Watershed

Squaw Creek