Metz Lateral Channel Rehabilitation

Located in Posey County, Indiana, the purpose of this project was to stabilize ongoing erosion problems in the lower 750 feet of the Metz Lateral Drain upstream from its confluence with Big Creek.

Bank and channel stabilization techniques were implemented to provide a long‐term solution to limit future bank erosion and channel degradation within the reach. The downstream 750 feet of the Metz Lateral Drain near the confluence with Big Creek had deeply incised to a depth of over 10 feet and widened with a top width of up to 50 feet. The incision and subsequent widening of the channel has led to an over‐steepened bank profile allowing for bank instability and erosion. The bank erosion has contributed to a loss of the adjacent agricultural land and likely impacted downstream water quality through the transport of sediment and nutrients. The techniques implemented within this project included vertical grade control, resloping of the channel banks, and bioengineering/stabilization with vegetation. This stream channel stabilization project, in combination with the two-stage ditch project immediately upstream, has significantly improved the overall integrity of the lower Metz Lateral Drain and the greater Big Creek Watershed in Posey County, Indiana.