Natomas East Main Drainage Canal Monitoring Project

cbec has been undertaking a variety of different monitoring activities on Natomas East Main Drainage Canal (NEMDC), otherwise known as Steelhead Creek, since 2015.

Monitoring activities include unmanned aerial system (UAS) based photography, ADCP velocity/ flow measurement, bathymetric surveying using remote controlled boat based sonar, water level/stage monitoring, dissolved oxygen concentration, and temperature. The purpose of the monitoring is for several reasons, including vegetation and flood stage monitoring, flow gauging, and water quality monitoring (DO and temperature). Steelhead Creek is an important flood control channel that drains the east side foothill tributaries that flow towards Natomas, as well as a pathway for anadromous fish passing upstream to spawn in the east side tributaries, and juveniles passing down into the Lower American River.

This project is part of a larger project to reduce flood risk and to provide ecological enhancement to the North Sacramento Streams group.

Waterbody / Watershed

Natomas East Main Drainage Canal/Steelhead Creek