Sacramento River East Levee Erosion Repair Design Assistance

The Sacramento Flood control Agency (SAFCA) is undertaking a project to repair nine erosion sites on the Sacramento River east levee.

Levee repairs will provide a 200-year level of flood protection while adding ecological value to the riverbank.

cbec is providing design assistance that includes coordinating data collection efforts and advising repair designs. We performed field reconnaissance to identify bank erosion sites in need of repair. Our hydrogeomorphic survey team has performed field investigations to review of existing bathymetry data and to provide quality control of data collection efforts. We directed efforts to collect updated bathymetric data and provided a detailed scope of work for multi-beam sonar, side-scan sonar, and sub-bottom sediment profiling data collection. Recently, cbec lead an in-depth field investigation and study that reviewed design elements of several successful erosion repair sites on the Sacramento and Lower American River.

The study evaluated the relationship between design features and geometry and the ability to support vegetation and provide shaded riverine aquatic (SRA) habitat. The findings of the study will be used to prepare bank erosion repair designs to that incorporate the most recent research and best available practices to efficiently enhance aquatic habitat value.