Santa Ynez River Two-Dimensional Flow Model

cbec was contracted by NMFS to construct a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model.

The model is capable of quantifying steelhead migration suitability and habitat availability over a range of discharges for subsequent use by NMFS staff. The results of this study will be used to support the NMFS in evaluating the effects of Bradbury Dam on steelhead trout in the Santa Ynez River.

MORPHO2D was used to simulate the water surface elevation, depth, velocity, and bed shear stress for low and high flow conditions with and without vegetation on the Santa Ynez River downstream of Bradbury Dam. Data requirements for the model included detailed river topography, flow at the upstream boundary, river stage at the downstream boundary, global roughness, and spatially distributed vegetation height and density. The model was calibrated using the measured field data.


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Santa Ynez River

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