Wooler Bank Stabilization

cbec was contracted by the Tweed Forum to design measures to stabilize a section of eroding bank on the Wooler Water, Northumberland.

The Wooler Water is a highly dynamic gravel-bed river and large flood events in 2008 and 2009 resulted in extensive channel adjustment. At the site in question, the river avulsed into a new location, resulting in the active erosion of a 140 m section of bank, 2-3 m in height that posed a risk to a nearby buried pipeline. A high resolution topographic survey was undertaken, providing input information for a 2D hydrodynamic model of the site. The output from the model led the development of a design for the stabilization of the reach that had to account for the high energy and sediment load of the Wooler Water. This design involved returning the dominant river flow to its previous course, with the post-avulsion location becoming a flood relief channel. The eroding bank was re-profiled to provide a more stable angle and protected along the length of its base with a matrix of natural large wood material. The works were implemented in August and September 2015 with cbec providing site supervision.

Waterbody / Watershed

Wooler Water