Yolo County Drainage and Water Infrastructure Improvement Study


Wallace Weir is located at the terminus of the Knights Landing Ridge Cut and west levee of the Yolo Bypass.

Yolo County funded the study of proposals to address potential impacts on agriculture and wetlands by the California Natural Resources Agency and the U.S. Department of the Interior to increase the frequency and duration of inundation in the Yolo Bypass for seasonal fish habitat. Drainage and water infrastructure improvements in the Yolo Bypass were identified, and actions to increase the availability and enhance the quality of data related to these improvements were proposed.
The study team, led by cbec, collected information and project ideas from farmers, landowners, wetlands managers, and water managers with many years of experience working in the Bypass. A comprehensive report, including short-form project sheets for use in public dispersal, was prepared– some project sheets of which were presented to state and federal government to help ensure the successful continuation of farming and wetland management as Yolo Bypass fish habitat proposals are implemented.

Three of these recommended projects were funded and are in the final design stages, under construction, or currently being implemented.