Sacramento Splash’s Youth Environmental Leadership Camp

cbec was invited to demonstrate principles of restoration engineering at Sacramento Splash’s Youth Environmental Leadership Camp, which showcased various career options for youth interested in working in natural systems. The camp was held at Soil Born Farms in Rancho Cordova, adjacent to Cordova Creek. cbec Senior Ecoengineer Sam Diaz met with curious 6th and 7th graders to talk restoration and engineering in the context of the Cordova Creek Naturalization Project. The campers toured Cordova Creek, observed the variety of vegetation and wildlife inhabiting the riparian corridor and discussed the value of restoration. The discussion turned to design considerations for restoring the creek, such as maintaining the function of the creek as a drainage canal and enhancing it by selecting appropriate vegetation, creating a variety of habitat types, and employing biotechnical erosion protection measures. A hands-on design segment featured a “flow table” (sand box) into which water was poured to assess channel stability and sediment transport. Campers observed erosion, developed hypotheses and prepared experiments to reduce erosion using vegetation (simulated using pine needles), large wood (sticks), rock (pea gravel), and beaver dams (all of the above). Check out our Instagram for videos of the enthralled future engineers!

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