cbec public consultation

Dr. Chris Bowles engaging and explaining project concepts with members of the public

All opinions of the public and stakeholders must be considered.

Through interviews, public meetings and surveys, cbec public outreach and facilitation staff gather and collate this valuable information. cbec staff have experience in organizing and facilitating these events and have done so with great success! Please contact us below for references of past events.

cbec facilitation

cbec technical facilitators explaining project concepts during a breakout session.

Our highly experienced team of technical facilitators is available to provide results orientated meeting facilitation, often guiding the process through a myriad of challenging situations to gain consensus.

This is not easy based on varying opinions and goals of project stakeholders and participants. Agreement often involves compromise and careful management of personalities, allowing all participants to have a voice in discussions.

design charette

The design charrette process often benefits from field exercises and observation. Here we see field exercises in the Tahoe Basin.

cbec’s technical facilitators have developed unique processes for soliciting feedback, gaining consensus and developing successful and effective solutions to difficult and complex challenges.

To this end, a frequently used method is that of the Design Charrette.

Through the Design Charrette process we encourage public and stakeholder participation, develop technical advisory groups, communicate complex problems in understandable terms, encourage and solicit a wide array of ideas through stakeholder and public involvement, identify and prioritize solutions and communicate these solutions back to the wider audience.