Chris Campbell leading a tour of the Yolo Bypass.

Chris Campbell leading a tour of the Yolo Bypass.

We know what we are talking about due to our extensive experience in the water resources field.

Our training courses are specifically tailored to the environment and ecology of our coastal, delta, and inland waters.

All of our courses are designed specifically for the end user and are not just monologues of theory. We engage and encourage interaction with the students and liberally use examples from our extensive database of projects.

Presentation is everything and we pride ourselves on explaining complex phenomena in simple digestible formats.

cbec field training

Field training being provided to Caltrans staff.

cbec staff have developed many training courses for a wide variety of clients.

Courses recently developed by cbec staff include Streambank Stabilization and Stream Restoration for UC Davis Extension, hydraulic modeling and geomorphic stability assessment courses for public agencies such as California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Caltrans, and Hydromodification Management and Low Impact Development courses for local municipalities and CASQA, Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology for the State Water Resources Control Board, as well as a variety of other courses for a host of other clients.

cbec technical training

Dr. Chris Hammersmark providing training to California Department of Fish and Wildlife staff.

cbec is able to tailor training courses specifically for our clients’ needs.

We encourage a mix of theory and practical examples combined with in the field training, if appropriate. We have found that our most successful courses are ones that have combined classroom studies with field exercises that engage all students, enlightening them and encouraging group participation.

By communicating closely with our extensive list of clients, we have worked collaboratively to develop and deliver the training courses that are needed.

Our post-training course appraisals consistently result in high marks in terms of delivery, technical content, and overall enjoyment.