April Sawyer MS

Senior Ecohydrologist I

April has over ten years of experience in fluvial geomorphology, hydraulic modeling, aquatic biology, and project management with an emphasis on habitat restoration. With a formal education in Montana and professional experience in California, April has been able to refine her skills in various environments and habitats across the country. That range is clear through salmonid restoration projects in the gravel-bed rivers of the Rocky Mountain’s Sierra foothills, to tidal channel and floodplain restoration projects across California and the Pacific Northwest. April has extensive interdisciplinary experience applying 1D and 2D hydraulic models to questions and project designs involving geomorphic processes, flood attenuation, habitat suitability optimization, and urban floodway enhancement. April’s fluvial geomorphology and biological background are supported by proficiency in ArcGIS, MIKE21 FM, MIKEFLOOD, Delft3D, iRIC (Nays2DH), HEC-DSS, HEC-RAS (1D and 2D), River2D, and MATLAB.

April has considerable project management experience across a range of projects from small to large scale habitat restoration projects, planning level studies to identify potentially feasible project areas or to improve existing methodologies for floodplain restoration opportunities. She has extensive field experience including topographic surveying, flow and velocity measurements, and geomorphic mapping, with experience in biological population sampling for fish and amphibians. April has a BS in Environmental and Resource Science (Hydrobiology) at the University of California, Davis (2007). She completed her MS degree in Geosciences at the University of Montana, with a focus in fluvial geomorphology in 2015. In the academic research setting, April has investigated constraints on construction of restoration design channel features, relation of velocity reversals at high flows to channel maintenance, and effects of flow magnitude and duration on chute cutoffs. April applies her diverse background to varied water resources projects, with specific interest in process-based design and management for aquatic habitat rehabilitation.