Gavin Downs MS

Ecohydrologist I

At cbec, Gavin applies his knowledge to create hydrodynamic and sediment transport models, assess restoration projects, and collect field data for hydrologic monitoring. Gavin has experience in a wide range of field data collection techniques including topographic surveying, river discharge measurements, and physical and photometric sediment sampling. Additionally, Gavin brings expertise in a variety of computational tools such as 1D/2D HEC-RAS, MIKE 21C, ArcGIS, Program R, and Matlab. Gavin has used these skills to support a variety of projects with goals ranging from understanding flood impacts to assessing habitat sustainability of endangered and/or sensitive species.  

Gavin graduated with a bachelor’s (2015) and master’s degree (2017) in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering from Purdue University. Gavin’s master’s thesis studied the effects of stream and riparian restoration on in-stream hydraulics and biogeochemistry in agricultural watersheds. In addition to his graduate work, Gavin had the opportunity to collaborate with The Nature Conservancy in designing a restoration project on a local agricultural stream. Between graduate school and cbec, Gavin has worked in a range of geographic contexts including the Piedmont Region of the Southeast, Midwest agricultural and forested regions, the Central Valley of California, the Central Coast of California, and arroyo creeks of Southern California. Gavin enjoys applying his knowledge to maintain and restore natural watersheds. He attributes his interest in waterways to the days as a kid spent exploring the national forests and lakeshores of the upper peninsula of Michigan.