George Snyder MS

Ecohydrologist I

George is an Ecohydrologist possessing a broad background in geomorphology. He holds an MS in Geology from University of California, Davis, and a BS in Geology from Humboldt State University. George’s scientific interests have spanned a variety of topics, with research experience in marine, coastal, fluvial, and wetland settings. During his Master’s program, George studied coastal land subsidence due to a process called “hydro-isostasy,” a mechanism by which the extra ocean mass accompanying sea-level rise flexes the coastline downward, prompting further coastal flooding than sea-level rise alone. George is experienced with a variety of field data collection tools, topographic, bathymetric, and subsurface surveying techniques, GIS analysis, and various modeling and programming packages. George supports projects related to hydrogeology, hydraulic modeling, and geospatial analysis. He is passionate about applying the best available science towards meeting environmental management and restoration goals.