Greg Kamman PG, CHG

Senior Ecohydrologist III

Greg Kamman is a professional geologist and certified hydrogeologist with over 30 years of technical and consulting experience in the fields of geology, hydrology, and hydrogeology. He specializes in directing and managing projects in the areas of: surface- and ground-water hydrology; stream and tidal wetland habitat restoration; water supply and water quality assessments; water resources management; and geomorphology. Mr. Kamman has worked extensively on California coastal watersheds and estuaries as well as on projects in Oregon and Hawaii.

Mr. Kamman’s experience and expertise includes: evaluating surface- and ground-water resources and their interaction; stream and wetland habitat restoration assessments and design; characterizing and modeling basin-scale hydrologic and geologic processes; assessing hydraulic and geomorphic responses to land-use changes in watersheds and causes of stream channel instability; and designing and implementing field investigations characterizing surface and subsurface hydrologic and water quality conditions. Greg commonly works on projects that revolve around sensitive fishery, wetland, wildlife and/or riparian habitat enhancement within urban and rural environments. Mr. Kamman performs many of these projects in response to local, state (CEQA) and federal statutes (NEPA, ESA), and other regulatory frameworks. Mr. Kamman frequently applies this knowledge to the review and expert testimony on state and federal water operation plan EIR/EIS reports, Groundwater Sustainability Plans, biological assessments and Habitat Conservation Plans.

Mr. Kamman is accustomed to working multi-objective projects as part of a multi-disciplined team including biologists, engineers, planners, architects, lawyers, and resource and regulatory agency staff. Mr. Kamman is a prime or contributing author to over 360 technical publications and reports in the discipline of hydrology – the majority pertaining to the protection and enhancement of aquatic resources. Mr. Kamman has taught the following courses: stream restoration through U.C. Berkeley Extension (2001-2008); wetland hydrology through San Francisco State University’s Romberg Tiburon Center (2007 and 2012-2014); and presented webinars (2020) to California Water Boards staff on hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. He has devoted his career to the protection, enhancement and sustainable management of water resources and associated ecosystems.