Greg Shellenbarger Eng, MS


Greg joined cbec late in 2017 with a background in marine ecology and hydrodynamic controls on water quality and sediment transport. He earned a B.S. In Biology and Chemistry (1989) from Bowling Green State University, a M.S. in Marine Ecology (1994) from Northeastern University, and an Engineer Degree in Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology (2003) from Stanford University. Greg was with the U.S. Geological Survey for more than a decade working on water quality and sediment transport projects in and around San Francisco Bay. Much of his work supported the multi-decadal South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project. He has expertise in a variety of fieldwork and analysis including estuarine sediment transport, time-series analysis of water quality variables, dissolved oxygen cycling, and using geochemical tracers to understand coastal nutrient supply.