Haley Tupen MS, EIT

Ecohydrologist I

Haley joined cbec following the completion of her Master’s in Civil Engineering with a focus in Fish Passage and Ecohydraulics at Montana State University. Haley’s graduate research involved assessing hydraulics and hydrology of an ecologically engineered fish bypass around a small diversion dam on the Yellowstone River. During her time on this project, she became well-versed in the field methods used to characterize water stage, discharge, and channel bathymetry, such as the USGS Midsection Method and Trimble RTK survey technology. Additionally, she became experienced in development of one and two-dimensional hydraulic models (HEC-RAS 1D/2D). These models aided state agencies in understanding the efficacy of the ecologically engineered bypass and potential future bypass designs in the greater Yellowstone River system.

Haley uses this knowledge as an Ecohydrologist I at cbec, currently supporting salmonid rearing habitat development and bank stabilization projects. Haley also uses Civil3D to design floodplain and constructed side channel salmonid habitat at specified mitigation sites along the American and Sacramento Rivers. She is fueled by her love of the natural world, protecting wild places, and the desire to restore and enhance our regional rivers and streams.