Jai Singh BS

Senior Ecohydrologist

Jai has over 8 years of experience in hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, water quality and ecosystem restoration. He specializes in river restoration, geomorpology studies, interdisciplinary watershed assessments, and hydrodynamic modeling.

He has worked on ecosystem rehabilitation projects in a range of river and wetland settings in northern California, the mid-Atlantic and Florida.

Prior to joining cbec, Jai investigated stream and wetland restoration from the reach to the landscape scale with a specific emphasis on the interplay of geomorphic, hydrologic and ecological processes. He has also studied the effects of regulations and funding mechanisms on stream restoration design and site selection.

Jai attended Duke University for his Bachelor’s degree where he developed his own major: Environmental Engineering and Ecological Restoration. His technical expertise includes hydrodynamic modeling, GIS, fluvial geomorphology and field data collection (surveying, water quality monitoring, process-based geomorphic assessments, and flow gauging and characterization).