Jenna Duffin PhD

Ecohydrologist I

Jenna serves as an Ecohydrologist I at cbec, currently supporting the development of hydraulic models to assess rearing habitat alternatives in the Sacramento Basin. Inspired by her interest in improving rivers cultivated by her childhood on the Snake River, Jenna pursued a bachelor’s degree in Hydrology at Boise State University, then a master’s degree at University of Oregon. Her research was focused on the impacts of engineered log jams on river morphology. Experience was gained analyzing spatial data, conducting field surveys, and developing hydraulic and morphodynamic models. Jenna joined cbec after the completion of her PhD in Water Resources at the University of Idaho. There, her research focused on combining geomorphic, hydrologic, and ecological processes to quantify aquatic microhabitats. Outside of work Jenna is motivated by her love for the natural world, and is often found hiking, gardening, and looking for cool rocks.