John Stofleth MS, PE

Senior Ecohydrologist

John has 12 years of experience in hydraulic engineering, fluvial geomorphology and watershed ecology. John has worked on a myriad of projects that included the development of one- and two- dimensional hydrodynamic and sediment transport models. Additionally, he has performed extensive watershed scale hydrologic and geomorphic assessments and has implemented multifaceted stream restoration designs. He is adept at evaluating and implementing projects that require complex hydraulic and geomorphic solutions.

John has also been involved in several research projects that embody new trends in the field of stream restoration, including: the effects of dam removal on channel morphology, the analysis of large wood as a tool in stream restoration, and the importance of hyporheic exchange in overall stream integrity. His multidisciplinary background and experience involving projects with multiple components of the river system make him an invaluable member of the cbec team.