Lily Tomkovic MS, EIT, PhD Candidate

Ecohydrologist I

Ms. Tomkovic’s specialism centers on linking numerical models to ecological field data, investigating the linkages between numerical parameters (such as duration of inundation, age, and hydraulic properties of water) with ecological productivity. She has developed multiple hydrodynamic models of significant features of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, including the Yolo Bypass and the McCormack-Williamson Tract. Lily has constructed digital elevation models, hydrologically routed flows for boundaries, and generated meshes for models in HEC-RAS, UnTRIM, TUFLOW, and Deltares D-Flow FM. She has used Python, R, and Visual Basic extensively to create pre- and post-processing scripts for her modeling endeavors, and has conducted geographic processing using Q-GIS and ArcGIS.

Since joining cbec Lily has utilized her array of data collection skills to support bank erosion repair assessments and field surveys. The bank assessments included RTK GPS measurements of slope, determining the size, condition, and depth of the rock used at the repair site. On a recent restoration project, she performed surveying services, using RTK GPS and a single-beam echosounder, to explore potential changes to downstream bed topography from an upstream post-construction site. She has also led the field and analysis work on implementing a sub-bottom profiler on levees in the Sacramento area to evaluate extent of bank protection under overlying sand. Lily is a certified motorized boat operator, and like many of cbec’s staff is Swiftwater rescue certified.

Lily holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Davis. She is currently completing her PhD with a focus on the application of hydrodynamic models to Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta floodplains. At the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC Davis, Lily has contributed to multiple projects, and gained recent exposure to a variety of field data collection as well as a multi-disciplinary understanding of aquatic systems.