Luke Tillmann MS

Ecohydrologist II

Luke completed his BS in Environmental Sciences, with minors in GIS and Forestry, at the University of California, Berkeley, before continuing to UC Davis for an MS in Hydrology. For his Master’s thesis, he modeled 3-dimensional circulation patterns in Englebright Lake to estimate streamwood flux dynamics through the Yuba River watershed in California. He has also worked extensively in the Colorado Rocky Mountains studying climate-driven altitudinal shifts in alpine plant communities through remote sensing, geospatial modeling, and field work. Starting in 2015, he has 5 years of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling experience using HEC-HMS, HEC-ResSim, USGS PRMS, HEC-RAS (1D and 2D), TUFLOW, and Delft3D. He frequently uses R to generate custom scripts for pre- and post-processing model data, and is familiar with other coding languages. He also works extensively with GIS, having over 7 years of experience since 2013, and has experience in hydrologic field techniques using RTK GPS, ADV, and ADCP instruments. At cbec, he supports numerous hydrology and hydraulic analyses including water budget calculations to inform pond and wetland restoration efforts.

To balance all of the time Luke spends on a computer, he enjoys camping, hiking, whitewater rafting, cycling, and swimming.