Nick Southall MSc

Senior Ecohydrologist I

Mr. Southall is an experienced project manager with two decades of river restoration experience. He specializes in the assessment and design of stream, river, wetland, floodplain, and estuarine restoration projects. His work has spanned the watershed from headwater streams, through rural and urban landscapes, into tidally influenced systems. He has worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, and in his native UK.

Mr. Southall possesses a diverse skill set and is experienced both in the technical aspects of project design and as a program manager. His professional experience includes freshwater, tidal, and wetland restoration, basin planning, and rural sustainability. He is versed in flow restoration mechanism through the Columbia Basin’s Water Transaction Program, and in the emerging field of water quality trading programs. He has worked closely with tribal groups, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and private landowners. With experience in both the non-profit and private sectors Mr. Southall brings his broad experience to project management, design and implementation.

Mr. Southall is well versed in all aspects of project development from feasibility studies and conceptual design, through final plans, permitting, and construction. Habitat enhancement projects frequently involve multiple stakeholders, and strong communication, buy-in, and stewardship are elements prioritized in his project management approach. Having spent many years in the field, his technical expertise includes data collection (topographic and bathymetric surveying), geomorphological assessment, wetland delineation, ecological studies, and water quality monitoring. Mr. Southall is an accomplished CAD user and has extensive experience in mapping, design, and in compiling restoration plan sets. Having completed multiple design-build projects, he is equally comfortable working closely with contractors on the implementation of restoration designs. Project experience includes dam removal, salmonid habitat enhancement, channel restoration, and wetland and floodplain enhancement. Mr. Southall has also been involved with basin planning initiatives, flow restoration transactions, and water quality trading projects.

Understanding the geographic, ecological, and social drivers within our industry is critical, and these project experiences allow Mr. Southall to thoughtfully contribute at both the macro and micro scales. He enjoys working with motivated clients and colleagues to meet common goals and to drive environmental gain.