Rafael Rodriguez BS

Ecohydrology Technician

Rafael has over 4 years of experience in fluvial geomorphology, water quality, and hydrogeology. He was first introduced to GIS and 2D hydrodynamic models during his undergrad at the University of California. Since then, he has continuously increased his skill set to include many field data collection methods such as acoustic doppler current profiling (ADCP), drone-mounted bathymetry, Total Station and RTK topographic surveying, as well as the installation and maintenance of pressure transducers. He has designed restoration sites and drafted plans in Auto-CAD Civil 3D. He has applied his multidisciplinary background to investigate flood management practices, salmonid habitat conservation, and surface-groundwater interactions. Rafael is eager to apply his experience and strong work ethic to explore the intricate hydrologic sciences field as part of the cbec team.