Rafael Rodriguez BS, EIT

Technician II

Rafael Rodriguez has 9 years of experience in fluvial geomorphology, water quality, and hydrogeology. Rafael graduated from University of California, Davis with a BS in Hydrology where he was first introduced to GIS and 2D hydrodynamic models. Since then, he has continuously strived to increase his skillset to include field data collection, HEC-RAS 1D modeling, SRH-2D modeling through the SMS interface, HEC-EFM statistical analysis, and implementing Ground Penetrating Radar. He has applied his multidisciplinary background to investigate flood management practices, salmonid habitat conservation, and surface-groundwater interactions. Rafael is a registered UAS (drone) pilot and has implemented this skill towards creating geo-referenced aerial images, monitoring plant health with multi-spectral sensors, making 3D surfaces through SFM, and recording videos for monitoring and marketing purposes. Rafael routinely applies his experience and strong work ethic to explore the intricate hydrologic sciences field as part of the cbec team.