Senior Ecoengineer

Sam has 16 years of experience that covers a wide range of civil engineering projects. With cbec he has been involved in several river, stream and wetland restoration and rehabilitation projects that have included a variety of biotechnical stabilization techniques. He has worked on river floodplain connectivity and levee setback studies, salmonid habitat restoration, hydromodification studies related to land development, and reservoir sedimentation studies. He is well versed in designing, creating and preparing construction documents, project permitting, and construction monitoring and surveying. He is familiar with a variety of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software packages. He is experienced in performing hydraulic analyses to evaluate natural and man-made channel flow, as well as to inform the design of both gravity and pressurized piping systems. He has worked on projects related to land development, infrastructure for water and wastewater treatment and delivery, water resources management and planning, and hydroelectric generation in the past.