Toby Stegman MS

Ecohydrologist II

With over ten years of practice in the water resources field, Toby possesses a strong technical background in hydraulic modeling (HEC-RAS, Tuflow, FaSTMECH 2D), computer programing (Program R, Python, Matlab), and GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS). He also has experience building custom programing routines for clients to extract model results programmatically, allowing for Monte Carlo simulations and sensitivity testing. Toby has also developed a custom partial tracking algorithm which interfaces with HEC-RAS. In addition to his desktop skills, Toby brings a wide range of field work experience to cbec. This includes working as a full-time field surveyor, conducting detailed topographic and bathymetric surveys, and construction staking. Toby has substantial experience with stream flow gaging and UAV and remote-controlled boat surveying, as well as proficiency with remote sensing image acquisitions involving hyperspectral images and LIDAR data collection. Toby obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in environmental geology. And then went on to pursue his master’s degree from the University of Wyoming that focused on fluvial geomorphology and remote sensing. His thesis research used the photogrammetric method (Structure-from-Motion) for monitoring a stream restoration project in Eastern Idaho. Toby enjoys using his technical skills to implement new cutting-edge technology in the pursuit of answering geomorphic questions, while promoting the health of the environment.