Toby Stegman MS


Toby has over five years experience working in the water resources field. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wyoming focusing on fluvial geomorphology and remote sensing, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in environmental geology. His thesis research used new photogrammetric methods (Structure-from-Motion) for monitoring a stream restoration project in Eastern Idaho.

He has experience with hydrodynamic modeling using: HEC-RAS 1D/2D; Tuflow; and FaSTMECH; as well as GIS and statistical programming software including: R; QGIS; ArcGIS; ENVI; and Matlab.

Toby also brings a wide range of field work experience to cbec. This experience spans from RTK GPS and total station surveying and stream flow gauging, to UAS (he is an FAA licensed commercial drone pilot) and RC boat mapping. He has also provided field assistance for several remote sensing image acquisitions, where hyperspectral images and LIDAR data were collected.